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Employee Assistance ProgramEmployee Assistance + Work / Life Program

Everyone needs help sorting through life's problems from time to time. Whether they revolve around marriage and family, drugs or alcohol, financial or legal issues, or other personal matters, Sarasota Memorial's Employee Assistance (EAP) + Work / Life Program is here to help. Your personal counselor is trained to help you with problems and to offer direction and alternatives through confidential counseling. 

What is the EAP + Work / Life Program?

EAP + Work / Life is a voluntary, confidential counseling service that Sarasota Memorial makes available to all employees and their families. With a large network of counselors across the region, the program offers free counseling in-person or via phone, as well as tele-counseling services. 

A counselor is available 24/7 to help with personal, family and work issues such as: 

  • Grief, loss, depression

  • Relationship issues, divorce

  • Job stress, burnout, work/life balance

  • New baby, adoption, eldercare

  • Addiction, eating disorders, mental illness

More Information

For information about EAP+Work/Life or an appointment, call 877-240-6863 or visit the Health Advocate website.

EAP + Work / Life provides confidential access to licensed mental health professionals who can

  • Help you identify the problem and decide what your choices are.

  • Offer counseling or make referrals to more appropriate community agencies.

Making an Appointment

Some problems hit very suddenly, while others build up so slowly, it's hard to recognize how seriously they are affecting your life. Feelings of discomfort are the best clues, especially if they last a significant length of time. The best solution is to talk with a counselor about your problem and your feelings as soon as possible. 

You may be allowed time off during work hours to talk with a counselor. If you prefer not to ask your supervisor for time off, an appointment can be made for another time or you can use the tele-counseling services.

Connecting with Resources

An EAP+Work/Life Specialist also can provide short-term assistance with temporary setbacks in life, as well as help with financial and legal issues, retirement, identity theft and resources for temporary child care. The EAP + Work / Life Program also can provide information about community resources and special services and how to use them, including: 

  • Case Management & Referral

  • Counseling

  • Legal Referrals

  • Consumer Information

  • Child Care Facilities

  • Emergency Appointments

  • Elder Care Assistance

  • Credit Counseling Referral

Supervisory Referral

Sometimes a problem can affect you so seriously it's hard to concentrate at work. A supervisory referral means your manager is concerned about you and wants to offer some help if possible. Supervisors are encouraged to refer employees showing signs of poor performance (e.g., absenteeism, tardiness or poor morale). All referrals are confidential.

For more information or an appointment, please call 877-240-6863 or visit the Health Advocate website.