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Need a Referral?

If you need a referral for a physician or specialist, call our HealthLine team at 941-917-7777.

Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Services

More than 1.7 million cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed this year in the US, according to the National Cancer Institute, and cancer remains one of the leading causes of death, worldwide. 

However, the overall cancer death rate in the United States has dropped significantly in the last three decades. More people are surviving cancer. Part of this success is due to strides made in cancer prevention screening tools, which enable healthcare teams to catch cancer earlier and to begin treatment when it's most effective, and to patients' more widespread use of cancer screenings.

Providing a range of cancer screening and diagnostic services is integral to the Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute at Sarasota Memorial's mission to deliver top-quality, comprehensive and collaborative cancer care to our community and visitors. By offering a full continuum of cancer care — from prevention and diagnostics to treatment and survivorship support — Sarasota Memorial can ensure our patients receive coordinated, customized medical care that is unparalleled in our area.

Sarasota Memorial’s Cancer Care program features preventative screening and diagnostic tests for a broad range of cancers, including:

Is Screening Right for You?

Recommendations for cancer screenings vary widely, based on health history, cancer risk and many other factors. Be sure to discuss cancer screening options with your healthcare provider(s) to determine which ones are right for you.