How it Works

We provide price estimates by determining an average service bundle from the historical billing of the services. This means that the price estimate includes what patients typically would be billed for that service AND any related (ancillary) services. This makes the charge higher than what you might expect for an individual service. Ancillary items and services may include laboratory, radiology, drugs, delivery room (including maternity labor room), operating room (including post-anesthesia and postoperative recovery rooms), therapy services (physical, speech, occupational), hospital fees, and room and board charges. The resulting estimate may not match your final bill exactly. Your final bill will depend on actual services and procedures performed as determined by your doctors.

We provide you the estimates this way because the federal government requires that these estimates should be bundled “in the way they (patients) experience the service".

Please be careful when you compare prices to make sure that other health systems bundle their estimates according to the Federal Government.

For assistance in completing the web form, please review Tips for Completing the Price Estimate Form.

Before You Start

Please gather the following information before completing this form:

  1. Procedure needed (Chest X-Ray, Brain CT, etc.)
  2. Insurance Information (if you have insurance), including company, member ID/policy number, group number

  3. You can also call (941) 917-1447 for an estimate Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM