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Remote Patient Monitoring

When you or a loved one needs help staying independent at home, trust remote-monitoring products and services from CareLink®. Whether you are concerned about falls or medication management, CareLink delivers immediate help, plus peace of mind for you and your family, along with the following features:

  • Affordable monthly rates
  • Fast, professional installation
  • No waiting list
  • Superior family-connection system
  • Clear, two-way voice communication
  • Knowledgeable, caring specialists for immediate assistance 24/7


CareLink MobileHelp™ – This personal emergency response system is designed to reduce complications associated with falls or other health-related emergencies. The waterproof pendant or wristband has a button that can be pressed in an emergency, ensuring prompt assistance inside or outside the home. 

CareLink Solo MobileHelp™ – The Solo unit is designed for use with a mobile telephone, and may also be used when no landline or cell service is available.  

CareLink SimpleMed™ – This medication and alert tracking system looks similar to a pillbox. A patient, pharmacist or healthcare provider can fill the SimpleMed with up to four daily doses of medication for seven days. The system is connected via phone to a monitoring center, which notifies the patient with a visual and audible reminder when it’s time to take their medication. 

For more information about CareLink products and services, call 800-940-5151.