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Important message from Dr Scott Perrin - Venice Campus Chief of Staff

SMH-Venice Physician Newsletter – October 2023

#1 Updated Policies

#2 The Researcher-Newsletter from Sarasota Memorial Research Institute

We are excited to release the 3rd issue of The Researcher, the official newsletter of the Sarasota Memorial Research Institute please click on the link below

This newsletter reflects the growing research capacity and culture at SMHCS. Each issue highlights engaged clinicians and programs that support research, quality, or evidence-based practice projects. As part of the SMHCS mission, thank you for promoting healthcare services that excel in innovation.

SMRI Newsletter #3

#3 Physicians Lectures

Please click on the link below for our October Vascular Physician Lectures- we will have a holiday break for November and December, and they will resume in January 2024. I've also attached our events schedule for HealthConnection- both schedules request attendees register in advance due to limited capacity.

Vascular Lecture

HC Flyer Venice

Thank you,
Christopher Jefferson, MD
Chief of Staff


SMH-Venice COS Newsletter – September 2022

#1 Go Live 09/28/2022 AMiON @ SMH-Sarasota for EMTALA Call Schedule coverage list replacing Lightning Bolt for Call Schedule Software

AMION Goes Live 09/28/2022
On 09/28/2022, AMION will replace Lightening Bolt for accessing physician call schedules. 
•    The Pulse pathway to access the call schedules will not change (Pulse>Department Sites>Emergency Care Center>on Call)
•    For practitioners who wish to access AMIOM through the app on their phones, they will need to create their own doximity account, if one has not already been established.
•    If you are already accessing AMION for SMH –Venice, on 09/28 a dropdown will automatically appear, allowing you to choose the schedule for SMH—Sarasota.

If you have any questions, please contact the Medical Staff Services at 917-1500.

#2 SCM CODE STATUS – Dr. Gross / Dr. Rutowski (Fellow)

Attached please find information regarding the new Code Status Code Status QI presentation

# 3 Info-Blocking

As of April 5, 2021, the Cares Rule went into effect, requiring healthcare providers to grant patient access to their electronic medical records in real-time.  Initially, this regulation was only relevant to limited types of healthcare information, however, on October 6, 2022, the requirement expands to include all electronic Protected Health Information.  SMHCS Clinical System has added messaging to the Patient Portal to notify the patient they may be accessing notes and /or results prior to their physician; however, please let this serve as a reminder that all information documented in the medical record will be immediately available for the patient to view.

# 4 SCM Prescription Writer – rejecting Quantity Unit of Measure Code
As of September 1st, 2022 Surescripts is updating its system to reject any electronic prescriptions containing the following Quantity UOM's.  The Rx will return an error indicating:  "QuantityUnitOfMeasure Code: [code value] is invalid." And the electronic Rx will not be submitted successfully to the pharmacy. 
•Dose Pack
•Pre-filled Pen Syringe

Per NCPDP SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations, May 2020, acceptable Quantity Units of Measure (UOM) are listed for e-
Prescribing at 
(Relevant pages start at 141)

Clinical Systems has queried the database and many prescribers have Personal RxWriter favorites and/or use the Enterprise Rx favorites, e.g., DME, Antibiotic, Steroids, Respiratory Medications, etc., defaulted to one of these UOMs which will be obsolete as of Sept 1st.

On 8/31/22 Allscripts will disable the below quantity Units of Measures in SCM-RxWriter. If previously default in Rx favorite, it will need to be manually updated to an acceptable UOM when prescribing. 


•Dose Pack
•Pre-filled Pen Syringe
•For SCM- Rx Writer prescribing issues, please open a ticket with the Call Center @ 6107 or notify the Physician support line:  Sarasota (941) 302-7808 or Venice (941) 899-3414. 


# 5 New TSystem Emergency Department and Urgent Care Documentation System

After a tremendous amount of work and collaboration between SMH Clinical Systems and our vendor "TSystem EVolved", our group has successfully implemented a new Emergency Department and Urgent Care Center documentation system. The improved formatting of our documents should facilitate communication and increase satisfaction for the medical staff.

Please see the attached screenshots demonstrating how to access our notes within SCM as well as an example of a test ED Clinical Narrative.  

TSystem ED Physician Note Selection

T-System Sample ED Physician Note

#6 Unauthorized PHI Access/HIPAA Breach /Privacy Violation

This is a reminder that you may only access patient records of those that you are actively caring for or have a business reason to be in the record. See below the SBAR for guidance.

SBAR Unauthorized PHI Access HIPAA Breach. Privacy Violations

#7 Social Media Privacy Violations
In the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in patient privacy violations. We need to make sure that we understand that online comments and images are a violation of patient privacy and that posting personal health information (PHI) without a patient's written expressed consent is a serious offense. Social media posts have the potential to become widespread in a matter of minutes, violate patient rights, and put the organization at risk. Thank you in advance for reviewing the below SBAR education. 

SBAR Social Media Privacy Violations

#8 Enteral Nutrition Order Go-Live 09/20/2022
Below are the outlining changes made to the Tube Feeding order and Tube Feeding Order with Tray. We have set a tentative Go-Live date of 9/20/2022.

SBAR Enteral Nutrition Order Project

# 9 International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Go- Live end of October 2022
Please find the below education materials for IDDSI diet levels that are approved for Sarasota Memorial Hospital Healthcare System. We are looking at implementing the new diet orders by end of October 2022 to be ahead of the SCM freeze on changes planned for November 2022.

0_Thin Adult consumer handout 30Jan2019

Mildly Thick Adults consumer handout

Liquidised Adults consumer handout 30Jan2019

Moderately Thick Adults consumer handout_30Jan2019







NCM IDDSI Level 4 Pureed (Green) Nutrition Therapy 2021

NCMIDDSILevel5MincedandMoist (Orange)NutritionTherapy2020 (1)

NCMIDDSILevel7RegularEasy-to-Chew (Black)NutritionTherapy2019 (1)

NCMThickenedLiquidNutritionTherapy2019 (1)

# 10   MonkeyPox
Dear Medical Staff members, with monkeypox on the rise around the state, we're stepping up our education, preparedness, and response plans. While we have not had any confirmed cases at SMH to date, we have seen a few suspected patients and are on the watch for others. Because you may encounter potential cases, we wanted to share the attached educational materials, which include information for patients, infection control protocols, and guidelines to help you identify, screen, triage, and test patients. Please feel free to reach out to me or to Infection Prevention and Control Medical Director Manuel Gordillo, MD, if you have questions or concerns.

Monkeypox Checklist (1)

Monkeypox Information


#11 Addressing Physician burnout

Below link information regarding Burnout Physicians

 Addressing Physician Burnout and Ensuring High- Quality Care of the Physician Workforce 

#12 SMH- Venice Annual Medical Staff Meeting

The first Annual Medical Staff Meeting for SMH-Venice, will be held on Thursday, October 6, 2022,at Venice Conference Room 2nd Floor/Webex

Thank you,
Christopher Jefferson, MD
Chief of Staff