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Expert Trauma Care & Recovery at Sarasota Memorial

In an emergency, seconds count. Experience counts. Take comfort in knowing expert care is close to home.

Located on the Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Sarasota Campus, our 24-hour Emergency Care and Trauma Center relies on a team of highly specialized, board-certified trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, subspecialists, and trauma and emergency care nurses standing ready 24/7 to deliver life-saving healthcare and support to those who suffer the most severe injuries — a level of care that's unparalleled in our area.

Expert Trauma Care, Close to Home

Sarasota Memorial is proud to provide Sarasota County’s only trauma care services. Our Level II Trauma Center features 2 helicopter landing pads, state-of-the-art trauma rooms, trauma surgical suites, and intensive care units equipped with advanced monitoring, imaging and life-support technologies.

Ensuring continuity of expert care for patients recovering from traumatic injury, Sarasota Memorial offers comprehensive, collaborative Rehabilitation Services at our Rehab Pavilion, the only hospital-based, acute-care rehabilitation facility in the region.

What Makes a Trauma Center a Level II?

As Sarasota's only trauma center, we take our role in the community seriously as the place you can turn to for immediate life-saving care. But what does a Level II Trauma Center mean?

National standards designate and differentiate trauma centers on a scale of 1 to 5. To earn the designation, a Level II Trauma Center must be equipped with the expertise and equipment to initiate care for all injured patients that may come through the door.

How Does this Translate to Serving Our Community?

  • Dedicated trauma surgeon
  • 24-hour Emergency Department physician
  • Cardiothoracic surgery availability
  • 24-hour anesthesia services
  • In-house radiology
  • In-house respiratory therapy
  • Trauma surgeon response time: 15 minutes max
  • Neurosurgeon response: 30 minutes max
  • Orthopedic response: 30 minutes max
  • Anesthesia response: 30 minutes max
  • OR staffed and ready: 15 minutes max
  • Patient-to-nurse ratio: 2:1 max