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ExcelsiusGPS Robotic Spine Surgery with at Sarasota MemorialChronic Back Pain Slowing You Down?

With revolutionary robotics & world-class spine specialists, we’ve got your back.

Meet ExcelsiusGPS, a robotic surgical assistant who specializes in minimally invasive back surgery and the latest addition to the Orthopedic Surgery team at Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Sarasota Campus.

The first technology of its kind, Globus Medical's ExcelsiusGPS features a remote-controlled robotic arm and an X-ray navigation platform that functions like your vehicle's GPS. Using the robot, our spine care specialists and surgeons can achieve unparalleled precision in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgeries - even the most complex back procedures - with all the benefits of robotic surgery over traditional procedures

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What to Expect with ExcelsiusGPS Spine Surgery

•    Less invasive than traditional, open procedures
•    Smaller surgical incisions along the spine
•    Less scarring 
•    Faster recovery
•    Shorter hospital stay
•    Speedier return to daily living
•    Better outcomes
•    Custom care plan created by our multidisciplinary medical team

Globus Medical ExcelsiusGPS Robotic Spine Surgery SystemAre You Eligible for ExcelsiusGPS-assisted Spine Surgery?

Have you been diagnosed with a spine disorder? Or are you living with chronic back pain that hasn't been relieved through non-surgical treatment? If so, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery with the ExcelsiusGPS robot.

Don’t let back pain slow you down. It’s time to get back on track, and we can help. We’ve got your back.

Call 941-917-7777 to speak with our HealthLine team about your minimally invasive spine surgery options at SMH-Sarasota.