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Parkinson's RehabilitationParkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders Rehabilitation

Living with Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy or other progressive neurological disorders requires more than taking medicine. It takes a strong dose of confidence and inner strength to face the disease head-on and take the initiative to continue living a rich, fulfilling life. Sarasota Memorial can help with the following programs that revolve around a healthy body, mind and spirit:


The PWR!Moves exercise program helps patients with Parkinson's maintain or restore skills related to walking and functional movement. Problems in the home and community are identified and broken down to enable skill training for bigger and faster movement. Our physical and occupational therapists' exercise approach will target multiple symptoms and allow for modification to meet a patient's needs and goals.

Parkinson's Disease Support & Education

Sarasota Memorial is proud to partner with the Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s to enhance education, support and resources in our community. Visit their website for information about local resources.

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)

LSVT therapy is nationally recognized for improving speech and mobility functions in patients with Parkinson's. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists are nationally certified in LSVT and are devoted to offering the best to our patients through these customized therapies.

  • LSVT Loud – The original LSVT Loud program was founded 15 years ago to help people strengthen sound and articulation by speaking at an exaggerated volume. This program is designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients to address deficits of speech caused by the disease. Personal sessions with our certified Speech Language Pathologists help transform slow, soft or monotone speech through an intensive four-week vocal exercise program.

  • LSVT Big – Like LSVT Loud, LSVT Big also has one primary focus: amplitude. It encourages a vigorous range of movement and pushes participants to use all parts of the body, from the feet to the hands and fingers. In an LSVT Big session, the patient mimics or mirrors the therapist through a series of large stepping or rocking movements with their arms moving in various directions. Call 941-917-7600 to learn more about our LSVT Loud and LSVT Big programs. They are available several convenient locations.

  • Big Strides with Exercise – This dynamic program customizes activities like aquatic exercises, indoor cycling, dancing, gentle yoga, tai chi, and strength training to help those with neuro-based challenges safely work on ambulation, range of motion and strengthening with an emphasis on posture, breathing, balance and rhythmic movement. Activities are supervised by specially trained fitness professionals at HealthFit Powered by Sarasota Memorial. You do not have to be a HealthFit member or need a physician referral to join the program. Learn more here, or call 941-917-7000 for information.

SPEAK OUT!® + The LOUD Crowd® Speech Therapy

SPEAK OUT!® is a two-part therapy program that uses speech, voice and cognitive exercises to address speaking deficits caused by Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders. Participants typically meet with one of our certified speech pathologists for three 45-minute sessions per week for four weeks, but the therapy schedule can be modified to meet a patient's needs and goals.

Participants advance from SPEAK OUT!® to weekly The LOUD Crowd® group sessions, which include specialist-led exercises and peer support. The group sessions, along with home practice and six-month re-evaluations, help patients maintain communication skills throughout the disease's progression. Call 941-917-1385 to schedule a speech evaluation.