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Palliative Care at Sarasota MemorialSupportive Care Services

At Sarasota Memorial, our experienced, multidisciplinary Supportive Care Services team aims to improve and enhance patients’ quality of life and to support caregivers and loved ones affected by serious illness.

Supportive Care is coordinated, patient-centered care for those facing complicated medical problems or prolonged illness. Sometimes called "palliative care" or "palliative medicine," Supportive Care services are appropriate at any age and at any stage in a serious illness, and are often provided in conjunction with curative treatment in order to improve the patient's quality of life. 

Anyone struggling with a serious illness or complicated medical problem(s) related to a prolonged illness or injury can benefit from Supportive Care. 

Supportive Care Resources

Have a question about Supportive Care Services or need a consultation? Please email or call 941-917-7572.

Palliative Care FAQ

Advance Directive & Living Wills info

"Making Your Healthcare Choices Known" brochure

The Conversation Project

“Being Mortal” PBS documentary

Specialized Supportive Care Services at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Sarasota Campus include:

  • Expert relief of pain
  • Treatment for a variety of other symptoms, such as fatigue, breathlessness, nausea and anxiety
  • Support during all stages of illness
  • Guidance making complex treatment decisions
  • Providing resources for family members
  • Assistance setting goals and expectations for care
  • Help managing emotional and spiritual needs

Like other medical specialty care, Sarasota Memorial Supportive Care Services are covered by Medicare/ Medicaid and most private insurance plans.

Supportive Care Consultations

The Supportive Care Services team offers consultation service seven days a week at the SMH main campus in Sarasota. For more information or to schedule a consultation for an inpatient at Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Sarasota Campus, please call 941-917-7572 or ask the attending physician to put in a request for a consultation.

Supportive Care Services Team

Sarasota Memorial’s Supportive Care Services team is led by Medical Director Robin Devan, MD, who is board certified in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care. The team includes board-certified Palliative Medicine doctors, specialty trained nurses and others who provide patients with an extra layer of support during their hospital stay.

The team collaborates with each patient’s other healthcare providers — including primary care physicians and specialists such as oncologists, surgeons and cardiologists — to ensure customized care and treatment that is centered around what is important to the patient and his or her loved ones.

Fellowship Programs

The Florida State University Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Led by Medical Director Joshua Gross, MD, this program offers a uniquely balanced advanced training experience for physicians in both hospice and palliative medicine. Click here for more information.

More Information

For answers to frequently asked questions about palliative care, please click here. For more information about Sarasota Memorial's palliative care services at the Sarasota hospital, please email or call 941-917-7572.